Hello, Friend! 

Thanks for visiting! I can't wait to get to know you and link arms together as sisters. 

But let me introduce myself. 

Hi! I'm Marie Osborne. A wife, mama, and writer who loves Jesus and large non-fat lattes. As a former high school theater geek, I currently use all my acting and vocal training reading "Where The Wild Things Are" and singing "Jesus Loves Me" before night-night time. When I'm not laughing (loudly) with my 30-something husband, chatting (loudly) with my girlfriends, singing (loudly) with my 3-year-old son, or being attacked by playing with my twin girls, I'm probably Pinning recipes I'll never make and binge watching Netflix during naptime. I rock toddler snot stains like they are the new black.

So what's my story?

After graduation, I began attending North Coast Church. I had been raised in an "Occasional Sundays" Roman Catholic household, but when I heard about Jesus, it was a game changer. I started following Him in the summer of 1998.

Soon after, I became involved in their amazing college ministry. The years spent in that ministry changed my life. The friendships and leadership training. The teaching and worship. Every aspect of it grew me in unbelievable ways. Not to mention the fact that I met my husband there.

Nathan and I were married in 2004, and we have had all kinds of adventures. Moving to Los Angeles for two years, Peoria, Illinois for 2 years, and now back to Southern California. He is seriously, the funniest man I have ever met. Ever. And my most favorite person in the world by a long shot. He has supported me in everything. Fabulous highs and incredible lows. Weekends working in all manner of ministries. Sitting through musicals and listening to my long, long, long stories. What would I do without him?

After 7 years of marriage, we had an amazing baby boy. He’s beautiful and silly and loud, all the best parts of each of us… so far. He’s 3 and quickly becoming the second funniest guy I know (after his daddy, of course).

In 2013, we added two new faces to our family, identical twin girls. It’s a little crazy up in here, to say the least!

Thanks for joining me. Can't wait to walk this journey together!


  1. Hi!

    I just discovered your blog after reading an article you wrote about Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway on ChristianityToday.com. I like your writing style and your heart. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for the humor...it's nice to feel the fun-side of the kingdom of God.

    The very best to you.

  2. I have a question that I would love advice on.
    My husband, Denny reiterated to me that he hasn’t experienced God or seen Him show up for over 4 years now. He says his relationship with God feels like it’s more of a philosophy than a relationship because when he does talk to Him he gets nothing. He says he still believes but that it’s discouraging. I don’t know how to change this? I reminded him of stories in the bible of men who didn’t hear from God for years and even Esther who never experienced God participating in her life but had faith. I was hoping these stories would help him.
    He says he spends time with God, reads his bible and prays but nothing. I know I can pray, and this is enough, but is there anything else I can do to be a helper for my husband to experience a personal God? Cultivate a certain environment?
    Woman desiring to help my husband

    1. Years ago a dear friend told me that this is the time God is teaching me to "walk by faith, not by sight (feelings, etc.) when "nothing" seems to be happening and you know, she was absolutely right! Her counsel was very, very encouraging at a low point in my walk w/God - I will always be so thankful for her.

  3. Hello,

    Followed you from ibelieve. Love your heart felt stories on life and how you try to connect to your readers.

    Looking forward to following you down the road with your beautiful girls. May God grant them a safe and beautiful arrival and many their days be blessed. For you and yours, His grace is sufficient for you as He who has given them to you knows your strength more than you do and knows you can handle to the end as He alone knows the end from the beginning.

    God bless
    From Nigeria

  4. Hi! I saw your article on ibelieve. I saw you have an instagram account. I have one under grandmakinney. I follow our grandson on there. They live about 3 hours away so we don't get to see him as much. We follow him with photos and videos. We have 6 more grandkids who live in the area.
    I hope you have a blessed night. Hugs, Grandma Kinney

  5. Hi, my husband and I have been married now for 12 years, and unfortunately we have not been able to have children as of yet:( I read that you had been married 7 years before you had your son, may I ask how old you might have been when your son was conceived? I tend to get a bit panicky and anxious, as we are only getting older, and we would so desire to have children of our own!

    Glimmer of HOPE...GOD amazingly gave us a glimmer of HOPE June 2013, He blessed me with conception and showed me that I can conceive BUT, then unfortunately, I miscarried our baby:(

    Sometimes, I do struggle with understanding it all BUT, my prayer is that I would never lose my belief in the promises found in Ephesians 3:20!!

    Numbers 6:24-26:)

    1. I know everyone is different. Shortly after we got married, my hubby flunked out of college. It was the middle of the Viet Nam war and he was now "1-A." So we tried very hard to get pregnant. Unfortunately(?) his "I want you" letter arrived before I could conceive. But a year or so later, before his tour of overseas duty came around, I was able to. "In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time. . ."

  6. Thank you for the blog! I enjoyed reading about your family and how you view God! He is a wonderful God! Can't comprehend!!

  7. I was reminded of you by your new Her.maneutics item and it put me in mind to ask a question. A friend of mine in Monmouth County, New Jersey is trying to find a good part-time nanny for her four boys (aged 6 1/2 to 13). We tried the church route with no results thus far. Any suggestions...? (If anyone wishes, they can write to me at karltiedemann@hotmail.com) Thanks for your time and attention. -- KT

  8. Hello sister I'm pregnant with four babies I could always use some tips from my sister