A Printable Daily Planner For When You Need Grace (Not Guilt)

I try to keep organized as a stay-at-home mom, but it’s rough. You know I love me some office supplies, and, of course, I LOVE printable daily planner sheets that I find on Pinterest. But they always seem to make me feel guilty.

I start out with the best intentions, with loads of tasks I want to get done, but poopy diapers and toddler tantrums don’t cooperate with my drive to accomplish all the things. I waste ink and paper on beautiful printable planner pages, fill them out with my favorite Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie, and then feel like a total FAILURE when the list of incomplete tasks just sits there, mocking me, at the end of the day.

I know you feel me.

I’m tired of beating myself up for things I don’t get to. I’m tired of setting myself up for failure just because LIFE happens. I want to organize my day and my mind and set goals, but give myself grace each day. In fact, I’d like to make grace and gratitude part of my plan each day.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I created this printable daily planner sheet for myself, but really it’s for us.

Printable Daily Planner

It’s a to-do list, a brain organizer, but more than that, it’s a record of grace. It’s a place to list our daily goals, but also to require we forgive ourselves often. That forgiveness and grace isn’t a sign of weakness, but great strength, shedding the weight of impossible standards, and instead celebrating our daily willingness to start again.

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All I Want In Life Is Grocery Carts in the Parking Lot

You guys. All I want in life is grocery carts in the parking lot. Not just for myself. For every mom in America.

Sisters, can we PLEASE rise together and MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!

I realize there are bigger problems in the world, whatever, whatever. Here’s the thing: I’m going to lose my ever-loving mind if I arrive in the Target parking lot with my 3 small children and pull up next to an EMPTY cart corral ONE.MORE.TIME.

I load my kids in their car seats which is pretty much my WOD. I, then, make my way to Target and ready myself for the nonsense that is about to ensue. Because I have identical twins. And I’m going to Target. This means that I have to be INSANELY friendly for the entire shopping trip. Like, Olympic-level friendly.

Everyone this side of the Mississippi is going to stop and gape at my twins for having the same adorable face as one another. And they are going to ask me all of the questions they have ever wondered about twins. I am dealing with these very kind, well-meaning people with twin toddler biological clocks ticking down to Shopping Induced Implosion, all while trying to throw maxi-pads and Cheerios in the cart as quickly as humanly possible.

This is what is about to occur, so I mentally prepare.

I pull into the parking lot (anticipating the Olympic-level friendliness required of me) to discover that there are no carts in the cart corral. In ANY cart corral. Sometimes I take a little trip through the parking lot aisles, willing to walk all the way from Famous Footwear if it means I can put my children in some lone abandoned cart. No such luck.

It is a barren wasteland of White Toyota Siennas as far as the eye can see but not one single shopping cart to be found.


How hard is this? It cannot possibly be that hard to train the teen cart collectors to leave a few carts in the corral for haggard moms. FOR REAL.

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How to Eat Out on a Budget {with Restaurants Plus}

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Restaurants Plus by LivingSocial. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a stay-at-home mom with young kids, I live for adult time. Date night with my hubby. Froyo dates with my girlfriends. The problem is, as a stay-at-home mom with young kids, I have very little room in my budget for regularly scheduled culinary adventures.

I have to find creative ways to work eating out into my budget, or I will most definitely go insane. I need the time alone with another adult to refresh me for motherhood. I need the time away from cooking and washing dishes to renew my energy for homemaking. I need the fun and novelty of trying new restaurants with new foods to satiate my desire for adventure and excitement. And I need all of that without breaking the bank.

My husband and I have tried a number of habits and arrangements in order to work eating out into our tight budget. With the rising cost of rent, preschool, gas, just LIFE, I’m always looking for ways to save.

One of our favorite ways is to purchase deals through LivingSocial. We have found some amazing restaurants that we had never heard of by searching through their list of discounts.

But now it’s even better. LivingSocial just rolled out a new feature called Restaurants Plus, where you earn cash while dining out.

Are you looking for easy ways to afford date night or girls' night out? Here's how to eat out on a budget (with Restaurants Plus)!

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To My Son: Makeup Isn’t What Makes Me Pretty

Dear Son… Let me explain why I wear makeup.

I know you’ve been curious. You watch me apply each product, each layer, and ask question after question about the functions and names. It’s usually while we’re parked in the car because, as you’ve probably noticed, this is the only place mom puts on makeup. In the parking lot at bible study or in the driveway at home. You and your sisters are strapped into car seats giving me two free hands to freshen up, and allowing you to watch wide-eyed and inquire about my process.

Question after question after question.

In your adorable little boy voice. In between observations and questions about completely, non-makeup related topics. You chime in time and time again with curiosity brimming.

“Is that a funny sponge? That looks like a triangle!”

“What are you doing now? Mom! MOM! What are you doing now?”

“What’s that stuff in that thing? What does it do?”

“Is that your powder? Do you powder your face?”

“Is that a blush brush? Is blush for your cheeks?”

“What are you doing now? Mom! MOM! What are you DOING?”

You’ve learned much of what I do and what I use by now. Even though I don’t wear makeup every day, I wear it often enough for you to know. Now, it’s become more of a narration than a question and answer session.

Foundation? Yup. Powder? Uh-huh. Blush? That’s right.

You follow right along with your big blue eyes, noticing, watching, documenting my routine.

Today, your questions and comments changed. You said something out of left field that showed me you see more than even I. You notice and perceive and ponder and surmise.

“Mom. You’re wearing makeup today because you’re not too pretty. Right? Because you need to be more pretty.”

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FREE, PRETTY things make cleaning WAY better



You may be wondering why I’m in your inbox on a Wednesday. Because we are sisters and I have FREE PRETTY THINGS to give you!

I’m writing to share an awesome deal with you that I have exclusive access to. 

A couple months ago, I received my first shipment from Grove Collaborative, formerly known as ePantry. It’s like Amazon Subscribe & Save, but specifically for natural, eco-friendly products. In my experience, their products are not only high quality, green, and effective, but usually cheaper than Amazon. You never have to worry about running out of household staples like hand soap or laundry detergent because Grove delivers it to you! You choose the items, you set the shipping schedule, and you get super pretty, delicious smelling products, that might actually make cleaning a little bit relaxing and, dare I say, FUN?

The best part is, I get to hook you up with some of these products FOR FREE!
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